Mining Industry

Exploration, Extraction, Processing, Production

Vertex Hub Trading, established in 2022, is an Omani entity, specialising in the mining industry, including but not limited to; exploration, extraction, processing, production and forth. With founders having over half a century of experience in mining, especially metal mines as well as quarries, along with engaging technical know-how staff, has given a significant strength in all aspects of business that has brought Vertex Hub to the high level of competency in which it’s assured our clients are recieving premium services.

Since, Vertex Hub Trading has access and is active in the upstream of metal mining, mostly Iron-Ore, Zinc, Lead, Cooper, etc. Therefore, it was led to use such advantages, access to low-cost raw materials, to benefit from our competitive finished products (i.e. different types of rebars, zinc ingot, etc) of our own by supplying to the global market.


Building Materials, Civil Engineering and Decoration

Vertex Hub Trading is also a Boutique construction company. Relying on the mentioned capability of metal productions and access to one of the primary and most costly building materials (steel/iron), and the fact that natural and decorative stones have always been one of our main products, extracted throughout the company’s quarries, while it helps us to have the materials ready, the quality of those products are met/adjusted the company’s costumers need, therefore, construction, mainly residential, modern, and holiday property has become other core-line of business of Vertex Hub Trading. Obviously, a long-term crew of expert architects, and civil engineers besides technicians, implementing cutting-edge technology in our projects enables Vertex Hub Trading to utilise such capacity to meet its client’s expectations.


Business Consultation Services

Based on the company’s resources, networking with our industry allies and reputation, Vertex Hub Trading is able to liaise with most industries and other businesses stakeholders to provide consultation services, including but not limited to legal, civic, technical, finance, in order to resolve the barriers and pave the road for further business development.

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